Clock Parts

 We manufacture a standard range of parts for clocks.  The list includes long case weights in various sizes, vienna weights, vienna hooks and pulleys,  long case pendulums, bobs and suspensions. long case pulleys for rope, chain and gut lines.

Case furniture including bun feet in various sizes, finials, standards and case spurs.

Any part in our standard range can be supplied to your specific requirements and we also build to order,  four glass cases to house your movements, see below.

The client for this case which stood 12 high,  7 wide and 5 deep was a clockmaker who had been commissioned by an American customer  to house an interesting drum movement with a year going train.


The case had doors front and back and was made from brass extrusions and fully machined brass parts.  An important feature of the case was the absence of screws in the visible parts of the case. All the glass edges were bevelled to set off the appearance of the clock

A further example of our versatility was the commission from a foreign client who needed four new clockwork motors for a Victorian music box project.  An existing motor was stripped and copies made of all the parts. This entailed cutting gears, making patterns for castings, machining all the components and finally assembling the parts to produce a functional motor that was indistinguishable from the original made over a 100 years ago.

While this was an example of an item produced from scratch.  We also make parts for the repair of Victorian music boxes and Fairground organs.

 A frequent victim of wear and tear in a mechanical music box is the comb which suffers broken teeth or deterioration due to corrosion.  We can make new combs or supply part combs for repair work. 

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